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Inspiration is everywhere, in all places, in all things.
                     This is my repository....

As a Wayne State University merit scholar in the early '80s, Debra Kraft studied under
Detroit poet ML Liebler who inspired her creative ambitions in a variety of literary
endeavors. In addition to poetry, Debra Kraft has been writing fantasy fiction and
building the worlds necessary to accommodate that genre for nearly three decades.
This experience, together with her background in teaching, led her to develop a "World
Building for Writers" workshop, and she is in the process of developing a text or guide
book on the subject. During 2008, her writing focus was given to speculative poetry,
and she has made recent sales to Aberrant Dreams, Illumen, Doorways and Lorelei

Debra Kraft’s first key influences in the field include Terry Brooks and Stephen R.
Donaldson. On the subject of World Building, she credits her friend, lunch companion
and mentor, Lee Carroll. A navigator in spirit as well as by trade, Lee is a long-time
role-play gamer with degrees from Harvard, Cambridge and Tufts.
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